We created an iOS and Android app where you can watch TV in the new format



Imagine one online video platform where you can watch all the online video’s you like, one after the other, from different platforms while you sit back and don’t have to do anything. This might be the new way of watching online TV.

For example, on VidMix you can search for “Max Verstappen” and find video’s from different video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. which you can combine in your own personal channel. This can be individual video’s or video channels. 

VidMix will add new available video’s to your channel as they appear. So you can check in every day to see the latest video’s about Max Verstappen.

VidMix is a social streaming video platform. It’s like Spotify for video’s, but different. You aggregate video’s that match your personal need. And you will get notified if there are new video’s for you to watch. 


Create a mobile platform with which people can watch video’s from different platforms seamlessly. People can search video’s and channels and create their own personal channels to watch all the latest video’s every day.


We first created a prototype to test the technical integration possibilities for the major video platforms. We then created the interaction and visual design into a prototype to test the user experience. Then we created the platform in sprints of three weeks each.


An iOS and Android app where you can watch video’s from different video platforms one after the other like you are watching traditional TV.



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