Project Description


Imagine a world where people lead healthier lifestyles by exercising more. eRoutes motivates you to grab your walking and running shoes more often.

eRoutes wants to help people to start walking or running or do it more often. The free app suggests possible routes based on the distance you enter in the app. All routes start and end at your current location, which could be your front door or a mountain on your holiday. The app is navigating you, so you don’t have to know the environment to be able to have a nice walk or run. And we try to get you through nature as much as possible.

The app also includes training plans where you can choose a distance and length of the training to create a personal training plan. So you can learn how to walk 10.000 meters in 12 weeks. The app will then create training activities for you a few times a week to build up to do the 10.000 meters at the end of the 12 weeks.


Create a mobile platform which people of all ages can use to lead a healthier lifestyle by walking or running. People can create routes which lead them from their current location back to the starting point.


Together with Imagine Run we translated the idea into an interaction and visual design. Then we created several prototypes of apps to find the best way to measure activities using the mobile phone sensors. We then combined the design and prototype to create the platform.


An iOS and Android app that use advanced GPS possibilities to be able to measure activities and navigate people along a route. People can do free activities but also follow training schemes to learn to walk or run chosen distances.




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