We created the iOS & Android app with backend and API



Dig-In is a London based marketing company that yearly sends out 400.000 boxes with over 6 million products to 140 universities to  80% of the new students. So they can sample products en enjoy free offers. Dig-In works with major brands like Coca Cola and Amazon.

Until previously the students could win prices by going to the Dig-In website and filling out forms with questions from the brands that provided the free product samples. But this is about to change by providing the students with a mobile app that contains all the surveys that go with the products. The app will also become a platform where students will get new surveys on regular basis to win more prices and earn special discounts.


Create a mobile platform where people can log in with their box verification code and answer all surveys linked to the box. After this people get new surveys periodically to win prices and earn discounts.


Since the project had a deadline we had to create a fast agile team to be able to send weekly releases to the customer. By adding new features and fixing bugs every week we grow into a better product each week. So we can assure there is a good working endproduct when the deadline comes.


An iOS and Android app where people can register with their box verification code and answer surveys. With the surveys people can win prices and earn points which they can convert to discounts.



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