We created a social activity app for IOS & Android – With backend & API



Nearly all social media wants to keep you in their apps and sites as long as possible. Life is so much more fun if you spend less time on your mobile phone and interact more with other people. There is a whole world full of interesting, nice people out there that want exactly the same. Sippy uses a mobile app to help people to do more with each other and have more fun. Life is so much more gratifying if you experience it while doing something fun together.

Sippy helps you to do real-life activities together. You can play a game or do sports together, either with friends or with people you haven’t met yet before. Join activities that other people proposed, or if you want to be inspired, Sippy can recommend activities based on your interests. So there’s always something fun to do.

Sippy shows people a map around their current location with activities and recommendations. Each activity has a chatroom where people can get to know each other and discuss the location and time of the activity. When there are enough people interested the host can start the activity so people know it’s happening. Then they only need to show up on the location at the set time. And if they liked it they can become friends in the Sippy app so they can do more fun activities together in the future.


Create an intuitive and scalable mobile platform where people are matched based on their interest and can organise real life activities together. People can find activities nearby, get recommended activities with people around them and create new activities manually.


We started by creating a technical prototype to see how we could match people together in activities on a map. Then we created the user interface and visual design after which we started building the app in sprints of two weeks. Each sprint we deliver a working version which grew over time to a stable release candidate.


An iOS and Android app where you can see activities on the map and where you are matched with others based on your interest.



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