Project Description


Imagine an online shopping platform which includes clothes from all major brands so you only need to go to this one online shop for all your clothing needs. 

PoGo is an aggregated shopping platform with advanced features with which users can search and browse all clothes from major brands and well known web shops. So you can search for that red fancy party dress and find the matching clothes from different shops. All from your smartphone without having to go to visit all shops separately.

The checkout and fulfilment is also taken care of by PoGo. So you have one organisation where you pay once for multiple clothes from different vendors. And if you need any customer support it’s Pogo you talk to.


Create a mobile platform where people can buy all the clothes they need from different vendors. People can search and browse with advanced features to find the product that best match their needs.


Based on the concept by Pogo we created a sophisticated platform which connects to the mobile application. To be able to create the features required we have also created several prototypes.


An iOS and Android app that contain advanced shopping features to give people the best shopping experience. People can browse, search, compare and filter products to find the best match.





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