Project Description

Great Fire of London

In 1666 a terrible fire burned down most of the centre of London. More than three and a half centuries later the Museum of London wanted to create an interactive story showing the timeline and scale of the Fire of London.

The Museum of London had many artefacts from the time of the fire. These were not only physical objects (which are also on exhibition in the Museum) but also old maps of London before and just after the fire. 

Using the old maps we created an application where you can navigate throughout time from different perspectives like the fire itself, the streets & buildings, peoples lives and society & politics. You navigate during the most important facts while the map is showing you how the fire was spreading. 

The project resulted in an educational application for both young and old to remember the Fire of London for the years to come. 


Create a web application to bring the story of the Great Fire of London back to life using an interactive timeline on which both the events and the fire are visible.


After Fabrique created the general concept we started working with the digitalised old maps which we had to put on top of Google maps to be able to navigate and use locations. When that was working we implemented the interactions to build the story.


A web application with many interactive elements to bring the story of the Great Fire of London to life. Showing what happened at the time, how the fire was started and how it spread over time and destroyed the centre of London.





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